Why wouldn’t I just go to the traditional equipment rental companies?

The experience - Renting from fellow creatives and colleagues is of course a great experience. You expand your network with it and you can exchange experiences with each other.

Favorable rates - Because most Gearbooker renters do not have to live off rental income, you will probably pay a lower rent than you see with commercial renters.

Insured - On top of all we provide great insurance, in case something goes wrong. With traditional renters you often see in the conditions that you as the renter are fully liable for damage. Not all equipment insurers cover this, and if this is the case, this quickly translates into a higher insurance fee.   

Great coverage and available supply - Through Gearbooker you also have instant access to a large and wide range of available equipment. Not only the latest but also the less common brands and types. In addition, there is a good chance that there is a Gearbooker user in your area, that saves you travel time and costs!