How does the insurance work?

When placing an item, the owner is asked to enter the (replacement) value of the item. Use a realistic amount for this, because the amount of this also determines the amount of the service fee that the renter pays, so that - if the replacement value is too high - your item becomes less attractive to renters In the unlikely event that something happens that requires you to file a claim for your item, then the claim will first be investigated to determine the damage. If the claim is successful, the insurer will ensure that your item is repaired or the replacement value will be paid out to you. For the first claim, there is a deductible per claim with a minimum of 10% of the claimed value. The total amount for the deductible + administrative fee is at least € 195, which will be charged to the renter (a higher amount can apply to subsequent claims). We refer you to the applicable policy conditions and to the rental agreement.