What is an ID selfie and how does it work?

We sometimes ask you to send us an ID Selfie after uploading your ID. This is necessary in some cases to verify your account with extra security. By asking for a photo, specially made for us, we can perform an extra check.On an ID Selfie photo, the following things should always be clearly visible (see also image above):

  • your own face
  • your ID document, unfolded (in case of a passport) so that the photo and other document details are clearly visible.

Important: We recommend you to make the ID Selfie with a webcam on your computer or with your mobile phone. Keep your ID next to or under your face and ensure that it is as close as possible to the lens of your camera. Also make sure that the light is good and sufficient (use a well-lit room to take the picture in and avoid any backlights), this greatly improves the visibility. This makes it easier for us to identify you. Make sure that your ID is clearly readable and is not covered by, for example, a finger. You can shield the Social Security number with your finger if you wish to, but make sure that the document number is visible.

We will process your supplied data meticulously. They are stored on an encrypted system and only used once with the purpose of establishing your identity. 

TIP: also read "How do I take a picture of my ID or passport?"