How do I know if the owner or renter is reliable?

As a platform, we want to provide as much security as possible. That is why we help you to determine whether you are dealing with reliable owners and renters and - if necessary - we give you extra information about your booking requests.

Always take the following tips into consideration. Before you place a booking as a renter or if the owner accepts a booking, we advise that you check who your future owner/renter is. View the profile page of the person by clicking on the picture of the owner/renter and of course, use your common sense. Check whether:

  • does this person present themselves well and reliably in his personal description
  • did this person has made an effort to upload a profile photo and is the person clearly recognizable on it
  • does this person have his/her phone number, email verified? ID verification is mandatory for every renter before a transaction can be paid.
  • has the account been linked with social media accounts?
  • in general: does it come across as reliable?
  • how long has this person been active on Gearbooker? (you can find this information on someone's profile page)
  • has this person had (successful) bookings in the past? (you can also find this on the profile page)
  • does this person send you an introductory text when placing a booking request?
  • how are the messages written? Ask further for more information if you do not trust it immediately.
  • how long is the period that this person wants to book with you and is this, in combination with the introduction message, reliable? Be critical and ask if you have doubts!
  • what kind of reviews does the person in question have? Of course, also look at previous bookings by that person and which reviews received.

Our advice: do you, based on the above recommendations, still have some questions for your potential renter? Ask them before accepting the booking request!

Eventually you as an owner and the renter jointly enter into a legally binding agreement (which you can view with every booking prior to paying or accepting a booking) and both parties remain responsible for the joint rental transaction.